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3 comments on “Contact Us:

  1. Karl Perera
    January 10, 2014

    I have just read one of your posts and really enjoyed it. I may share it with my subscribers and readers. The post is “Relationship Rules” posted 20 Nov. I liked what you said about maintaining self esteem in a relationship and agree this is so important. As I have been writing about self esteem for many years I wanted to point out a very useful resource I have that I am sure your readers would love: it is a very respected and popular test I created to check the level of your self esteem in five minutes. The test is interactive and easy to do and fun: the link is: – if you like it I’d love you to link to it on your page perhaps from the above post. Thanks a million! And if you do decide to link to the test then thanks for helping me to help even more people with their self esteem!


    • ameborepublik
      January 13, 2014

      thanks very much bro, thanks for finding our article relevant….and we’ll be more than glad to partner with you… you can add the ceo on bbm 22c2a3d9 and we’ll talk more on it…#teamAmeboRepublik


  2. newsrecordco
    October 30, 2014

    Hey ameborepublik, good articles. I work at Record and we’re currently looking for freelancers. I think you’d be a nice addition to our roster.

    We pay our freelancers 70% of the advertising profit that their articles generate. If you’re interested, send your info at If you mention that I commented on this article, you’ll be accepted right away.



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